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Five reasons you should take the Dairy-Free Challenge

Five reasons you should take the Dairy-Free Challenge

September 30th, 2020

If you’ve been thinking about ditching dairy and would like a little help to get started, we have just the thing for you. It’s fun, easy and FREE!

The Dairy-Free Challenge is an exciting email series that covers everything from getting started to delicious recipes, dairy-free products and tips galore!

Need convincing? Here are five great reasons to take The Dairy-Free Challenge today.



Anything dairy can do, plants can do better!

It’s true! Want ice cream? You can have ice cream! Want yoghurt? Chocolate? Cheese? Butter? Nowadays there is a plant-based version of everything, and we’re spoiled for choice at the supermarket. Yes, there was a time when vegan cheese looked and tasted like yellow rubber, but times have changed. Plant-based food companies are competing for our cash, and we are literally spoiled for choice!


There are better, healthier sources of calcium

Did you know that the countries with the highest rates of osteoporosis are also the countries with the highest dairy intake?

If you’re worried about getting enough calcium, simply pile up your plate with calcium-rich foods, such as bok choy, broccoli, kale, beans, almonds, tahini, tofu and tempeh. These healthy sources of calcium allow us to build and maintain strong teeth and bones. Exercise and vitamin D (from the sun) also protect our bone density.


Cows are not magicians

Remember when you thought cows ate grass and somehow magically produced milk? Like any mammal, a cow must have a baby to produce milk. No magic involved. Don’t feel silly if you didn’t make the connection, that’s because we’ve all been fed a story that is far removed from the truth. The real story of millions of calves taken from their mothers and killed every year so  we can drink their mother’s milk doesn’t make a great bedtime story.


You’re not a baby cow!

Unsure about whether you should be consuming dairy? Try this simple test:

Call your mum. If she answers ‘Moooo,’ then yes, dairy is for you. In fact, dairy was invented for you!  If she answers ‘hello,’ then you probably shouldn’t consume dairy. Why? Because you are not a baby cow.

If you are a baby cow, you’d better hope you’re not one of the three million bobby calves that are taken from their mothers every year in New Zealand and killed at a few days of age, just so  humans can drink your mum’s milk.


It’s time to stop milking our planet

Dairy production demands huge amounts of water, and the waste produced by New Zealand’s six million dairy cows is polluting our soil, aquifers and waterways. Did you know that it takes approximately 1000 litres of water to produce one litre of milk? It’s time to mooove over, dairy!


Take the FREE Dairy-Free Challenge and get ready to receive planet-friendly recipes, tips and info about the latest dairy-free products available in Aotearoa.


And what’s more, if you sign up to the Dairy-Free Challenge during October (World Vegetarian Month), you’ll go into the prize draw to win a Diva Plant Cheese Selection Box, delivered to your door! (*NZ only)



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