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Join Robyn Malcolm & take the 100% Vegetarian Challenge

September 26th, 2017

Just in time for World Vegetarian Month, Robyn  Malcolm and her boys are taking the 100% Vegetarian Challenge by  committing to keeping animal products off their plates for the next six  weeks.

Robyn, a long-time SAFE supporter and voice for animals, has already  undergone many personal changes around her own shopping and eating  habits after learning about the realities faced by animals in New  Zealand. She is looking forward to challenging herself and her family to  take the next step.

“When I look at the amount of destruction meat and animal product  production is having on our stressed-out planet, (NZ alone is shameful  enough!), then as someone really concerned about climate change, it  seems a tad hypocritical to be still supporting this industry which is  crippling the planet,” says Malcolm.

Plant-based eating is gaining popularity everywhere. All around the  globe and right here in New Zealand, people are recognising that the  simple choice of what they put on their plate makes a big difference and  they are putting their values into action.

That includes Robyn’s fellow Outrageous Fortunes star, Nicole Whippy,  who has also pledged to take the 100% Vegetarian Challenge with her  family. Also on board is ex-All Black, Eroni Clarke and his family who  will take the Challenge this October.

Not only is it better for animals, removing animal products from our  diets reduces greenhouse gas emissions and pollution from animal  agriculture, and it can even improve our health.

Like Robyn, thousands of Kiwis from around the country have pledged  to change their habits to create a kinder world for animals. World  Vegetarian Month is the perfect opportunity to stand up for fairness,  kindness and compassion. Our 100% Vegetarian Challenge provides six  weeks of supportive emails filled with tips, recipes, advice on  nutrition and eating out.

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