News Blog Articles Over 75% of Kiwis think farrowing crates cause suffering
Over 75% of Kiwis think farrowing crates cause suffering

Over 75% of Kiwis think farrowing crates cause suffering

July 12th, 2018

A new nationwide poll conducted by Horizon Research has shown that just over three in four New Zealanders felt that the statement, “The use of farrowing crates can cause suffering to sows and it is not worth causing this suffering when there are alternative systems,” was closest to their own views on farrowing crates.

The poll forms part of the submission on farrowing crates given by SAFE to the Primary Production Select Committee last month. We are asking that legislation be passed to ban farrowing crate cruelty.

The poll showed that 73% of people support a ban on farrowing crates in New Zealand. Only 7% were opposed to the ban, and the rest were unsure or needed more information.

“SAFE is not surprised that such a high percentage of people believe this practice should be banned. Our petition was the largest petition Government has received in five years. New Zealanders overwhelmingly want to see an end to the cruelty that is factory farming,” says head of campaigns Marianne Macdonald.

The current Government revealed it would not support many factory-farm methods. Before the 2017 election, both the Labour Party and the Greens pledged to end the use of farrowing crates.

We call on the Government to stay true to their pre-election promises by banning this appalling practice.

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