News Blog Articles Pressure for action on farrowing crates builds

Pressure for action on farrowing crates builds

October 11th, 2018

It has been nearly seven months since MP Gareth Hughes accepted SAFE’s petition to ban farrowing crates. This was the largest petition Parliament had received in five years, and it was promptly given to the Primary Production Select Committee to consider.

Since then the committee has asked for submissions from SAFE, New Zealand Pork, the National Animal Welfare Advisory Committee and the Ministry for Primary Industries. Letters written by concerned members of the public to the MPs on the committee have also been published on the Parliament website.

Now, a billboard has been erected on State Highway One (see picture) for the MPs to see as they arrive at work. On route from Wellington airport to Parliament, the billboard calls on the members of the committee to use their power to ban farrowing crates. Another billboard with the same message is in the Wellington CBD.

We are getting word from those who have visited their local MPs that farrowing crates are an issue they care about. Last week, National MP Niki Kaye posted a picture on her Facebook page with her and a pig, saying local constituents had brought their pig along to talk about farrowing crates and animal welfare.

Members of the team here at SAFE have been visiting MPs on the committee to hear their concerns and discuss our perspective on farrowing crate issue.

SAFE will be presenting evidence in front of the committee in less than 2 weeks. From there the committee will give its recommendation to the Government, and Cabinet will decide on the future of farrowing crates in New Zealand.

We can, and we will ban this cruel practice of confining mothers!

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