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SAFE submits on Zero Carbon Bill

SAFE submits on Zero Carbon Bill

July 22nd, 2019

Last week SAFE submitted on the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Bill. Our submission recommends that the Government acts in the interests of animals, as well as people and our planet, when creating futurethinking climate policy. 

Half of New Zealand’s emissions are currently produced by the animal agriculture sector. The majority of on farm emissions are methane. Methane is a fast-acting greenhouse gas that has 100 times more ‘warming’ effect than carbon dioxide over a 10year period, and 86 times over 20 years.  

According to a UN report on climate change, we have only twelve years to take urgent action to prevent climate catastrophe. We can do this by reducing methane immediately. Right now, the Zero Carbon Bill (as explained in its name) is written to prompt strong action to reduce carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions to net zero, but the Bill only requires methane emissions to be reduced to 24% to 47% of current levels. 

This is setting a dangerous precedent and could lead to climate uncertainty. SAFE supports a net zero target across all gases, including methane – this is the best way to create certainty, and reducing methane is the fastest way to reduce ‘warming. 

It is essential that our Government takes strong action to lower greenhouse gas emissions! 

Already we are suffering the ill-effects of climate damage, which can have drastic consequences for farmed and companion animals. This is why SAFE is asking for: 

  • Shelter for all animals (especially farmed animals) from extreme weather events. 
  • Emergency response plans that include evacuating animals. 
  • Financial and skill support for farmers who want to lower their emissions and transition from animal agriculture to plant-based agriculture. 

Read SAFE’s submission.


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