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Vote for animals campaign launch

August 10th, 2017

SAFE has launched the ‘Vote for Lucy’ election  campaign, today, 10 August. We erected the first of our  thought-provoking election hoardings in Auckland, with the help of a  ‘giant pig’. Pictured on the hoarding is a mother pig imprisoned in a  farrowing crate with the accompanying message, ‘Your vote could help to  free her’. Lucy, the featured pig, was found to be living in such  restrictive conditions in SAFE and Farmwatch’s recent Waikato pig farm  investigation.

The Vote for Lucy website gives  a summary of all political parties’ positions on issues impacting  animals in New Zealand. The website includes a video featuring Emmett  Skilton, star of the television show The Almighty Johnsons, showing  people how they can encourage politicians to do more for animals.  Polling has shown over 75% of Kiwis want farrowing crates banned, so if  politicians claim to be representing the views of voters they ought to  support an end to the use of farrowing crates.

Thanks to campaigns led by SAFE and supported by the New Zealand  public, law changes have been pushed through resulting in a ban on sow  stalls in pig farming; a phasing-out of old-style battery cages; and a  ban on animal testing for cosmetics and legal highs. SAFE says that  while these are steps in the right direction, a lot more progress is  needed.

“Factory farming is the most pressing animal welfare issue of our  time, with an astounding figure of over 100 million animals intensively  farmed every single year. Previous government decisions have allowed  cruel farming conditions. New Zealand’s animal welfare regulations have  condemned hens to live in colony cages so small they cannot even stretch  their wings, and mother pigs can be trapped in farrowing crates in  which they have difficulty lying down,” says SAFE campaigns officer and  policy advisor Stephen Manson. “Future political decisions have the  potential to put an end to factory farm cruelty, but this will only  happen when New Zealanders make informed choices in how they cast their  votes.”

“Kiwis care about animals and their votes can change the lives of  millions of animals. As well as those in factory farms, the thousands of  dogs and horses injured and killed by the racing industry, and the  animals suffering in rodeo training and events can all be helped,” says  Mr Manson. “Kiwis are compassionate, and taking animals into account  when we vote is one easy way we can show we care.”

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