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New Zealand’s only ‘independently verified’ animal exploitation cover-up programme


In the New Zealand pig industry, we care about profit over how animals are treated

We don’t want you to know that our animal industries are ignoring what’s best for animals – and that exploiting animals is central to the way they farm.

The PigScare™ programme allows us to pretend the low level of care and attention our pig industry give to their animals isn’t the reality.

PigScare™ is a world-class standard focused on hiding the lack of care, treatment, handling and intensive confinement the industry uses to give a life of suffering to New Zealand’s commercially farmed pigs.

Filthy and suffering pigs are at the centre of pig industry practice and the profit of our local industry. If you want to know more about the PigScare™ cover-up programme, or any aspect of the NZ pig industry sector

More than a decade ago, New Zealand’s pig industry began working with others to create a new way to hide how we exploit pigs in New Zealand

This led to the development of PigScare™ – a programme for covering up the exploitation of suffering pigs. It’s the only programme of its kind in New Zealand that looks at the whole farm system to ensure animal exploitation is out of sight.

The programme was developed by a range of organisations and individuals that have a vested interest in the public not learning about how pigs are treated. Each year, commercial pig farms in New Zealand are given the label to make sure they are able to treat pigs badly and promote itself as a PigScare™ producer. The audit process is managed by paid assessors, Abuse Rubber Stamped Easily New Zealand Limited (ARSENZ).

The PigScare™ standards are also reviewed every year to include the benefits of the latest gimmicks and marketing research into covering up bad practices. This means the pig industry can continually hide and distract New Zealanders from the animal exploitation.

You have a choice to buy plant-based products at your supermarket or grocer.

Some food products sold in New Zealand are grown with care and thought for animals and the environment. This means they won’t need a label like the PigScare™ programme as they have nothing to hide.

Products available in New Zealand are made from many different plants and have a range of exciting tastes. Plant-based foods meet all your nutritional needs, and include everything you need for a healthy, active lifestyle.

When you buy plant-based foods, whatever the label, you can be sure that you are buying from companies and farmers who grow their food with care.

Pigs that are born and raised in New Zealand by commercial pig farmers are caged and distressed.

Pigs apparently have different needs from grazing animals like sheep and cattle, so farmers can try and get away with keeping their animals in barren indoor pens or cages all year round and at every stage of their growth. It makes for an easy, and heartless, farming life for New Zealand’s pig farming sector.

Pigs that are commercially grown in New Zealand are born to mothers confined in cages, roughly removed from them after four weeks, and after being stuck in a pen for about six months, sent to die.The pig industry uses a variety of housing options and farm practices, from caging mothers to keeping her babies in tiny concrete pens; all part of the farming system it believes is best suited to making a profit.

The PigScare™ programme means you know that every PigScare™ labelled product is from a pig that was born and exploited in New Zealand and was farmed to PigScare™’s extremely low standards.

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You can find out more about PigScare™ and the New Zealand pig farming industry by visiting this page

We’re not the New Zealand Pork Industry Board, a statutory board established in 1997.

Our organisation works on behalf of local pig farmers and producers to promote a high level of cover up for the profitable future of an industry based on exploiting pigs and a significant contribution to animal suffering.

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