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Hans and Nichola Kriek’s departure from SAFE

February 27th, 2020
Over the past thirty years, there haven’t been two people as iconic as Hans and Nichola Kriek in the Aotearoa animal rights movement. Their work has had a massive impact on the country and raised many of the issues that animals face to public awareness. There are countless activists who...

End of the line for Mid Northern rodeo?

November 28th, 2019
This article was originally published in the Northland Age. Animal rights organisation Save Animals From Exploitation (SAFE) announced yesterday that it had been “reliably informed” that the Mid Northern Rodeo had cancelled its event in January, staged every year since the 1960s, due to financial pressures. “This really is a...

William Hotel Group’s Cage-Free Announcement

November 20th, 2019
SAFE is pleased to announce Williams Hotel Group has pledged to ditch cage eggs across all of its hotels nationwide. After discussions with its food supplier, the New Zealand owned hotel group confirmed with SAFE its kitchens would no longer be serving eggs from caged hens. Williams Hotel Group has...

Delicious plant-based eateries receive the 2019 EAT KIND Awards

November 14th, 2019
Delicious plant-based eateries receive the 2019 EAT KIND Awards For the third year running, SAFE has celebrated World Vegan Day by recognising eateries who are going above and beyond to offer up the most delicious, innovative plant-based dishes. With more plant-based eateries sprouting up around the country, this year’s decision...
The Kiwi dairy farmers-turned hemp growers

The Kiwi dairy farmers-turned hemp growers

November 11th, 2019
Raised by his grandparents on a dairy farm, on the South Island’s West Coast, Aaron has been milking cows since he was six years old. For the past few years, Aaron and his partner Sarah have been converting more and more of their land to grow hemp to fuel their...
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