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Make way for Meat-Free May!

Make way for Meat-Free May!

April 30th, 2019

Today marks the start of Meat-Free May! And this year Eat Kind are focusing on YOU! Join us, as we delve into all the amazing health benefits of a plant-based diet. 

Alongside Kiwi medical professionals we are encouraging Kiwis to remove meat from their menus throughout May. Get ready to experience how good plant-rich food is for your body and your tastebuds! With over 30 mouthwatering meat-free meal ideas in The Plant-Based Starter Guide, we have all you need to satisfy your flavour cravings right through May.
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Every 90minutes, a New Zealander dies from heart disease. Paired with having one of the highest rates of obesity in the world and over 200,000 diagnosed with diabetes to put it simply,  our diets need to change.

Dr Nicholas Wright is a General Practitioner in Gisborne, where he has carried out ground-breaking research in the area of diet and heart health. He highlights that “the populations around the world who consistently live the longest and healthiest lives follow plant-based diets.” Plants are rich in fibre, and due to the fact they contain no dietary cholesterol and have minimal saturated fats, eating plants in abundance allows us to fuel up on nutrient-dense foods that won’t clog up our arteries.

Bowel Cancer New Zealand and The New Zealand Heart Foundation can vouch for this too, both promoting eating plenty of plant-based whole foods to prevent the onset of bowel cancer and heart disease.

So why not do something amazing for yourself this May, and sign up (with a family member or friend!) to go meat-free this May! It’s the perfect chance to see how enjoyable, rewarding and delicious eating plant-based can be, while getting all the support and inspiration you need!


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