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Try plant-based for Veganuary!

Try plant-based for Veganuary!

January 25th, 2021

We Kiwis are pretty laid back.

We’re way too busy having fun at the beach to start our New Year’s resolutions on 1 Jan!

That’s why we’re a little late to the Veganuary party. But that’s okay, because here in Aotearoa, we’re extending our Veganuary celebrations right through February. And what’s even better – for those new to plant-based eating we have an email series specifically designed for Kiwis! The Plant-Based Challenge features Kiwi products, eateries and ingredients, and provides bags of inspiration to keep you on track.

So when you’re ready, join in the Veganuary buzz by signing up to the Plant-Based Challenge and ordering or downloading your free Plant-Based Starter Guide.

Still need convincing? Here are some great reasons to take part in Veganuary 2021!


Feeling lucky?

From now until the end of February we’re giving away heaps of plant-based goodies to help you get into the Veganuary swing. Keep an eye on SAFE’s Facebook and Instagram pages for details on how to win hampers from The Vegan Store, Angel Food, Sunfed and more. Because you can never have too many plant-based treats.


Summer food

Summer and plant-based food go hand in hand. Throw some corn on the barbeque, whip up a salad, throw some vegan burgers or sausages on the grill, and you’ve got a tasty summer meal. Easy peasy! Or get inspired by the hundreds of delicious recipes on our recipe page.


New habits

The new year is a great time to kickstart a new habit. We’re motivated, we’re rested (hopefully) and we’re ready. We can do this!


Be kind

By eating vegan for a month, you can spare the lives of 30 animals. Now there’s some serious motivation, if you needed it.


Inspire others

Already vegan? Go you! Now it’s your turn to inspire others, support new vegans and be the best vegan role model you can be. Why not offer to be a mentor for a new or aspiring vegan? Share your tips and favourite products. It’s easier when you have support.


Join the revolution!

Over 700 Kiwis have signed up for Veganuary 2021 already! That’s double the number from 2020! Join the 500,000 people worldwide who are taking part in Veganuary 2021 and thousands of Kiwis who have taken our Plant-Based Challenge.


So what are you waiting for? Sign up to the Plant-Based Challenge today!



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